Acton escorts talked about bullying

I think to different extents, we’ve all been affected by bullying in some way and I just wanted to talk about all the different types of bullying. So there’s being called names, being put down and humiliated, especially in front of other people according to Acton Escorts of

There’s being teased, there’s being pushed and shoved and having money or possessions taken away from you or messed around with, having rumors spread about you, being threatened or intimidated, being physically hurt.

And this last one is one that not many people might think is a form of bullying but it’s exclusion. So being ignored or left out of things. And then there’s cyber bullying which is all of those things but it’s happening online or on your phone just with technology.

People could make a website about you saying embarrassing or untrue things. There could be mean texts or embarrassing photos that have been put online that you didn’t want to be online.

Again, people can create group chats or post photos of events that you weren’t invited to. lso, bullying doesn’t really go away when you’re an adult. I used to think that it was something that only would happen in schools but it can happen at whatever age amongst your friends or there could be workplace bullying according to Acton Escorts.

So really anyone can be affected by bullying. If you’re an adult that is affected by bullying, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. I just wanted to say that if you are being bullied, please tell someone. It’s the first step in getting help with how to deal with it.

Also when it comes to cyber bullying, even though it might be really hard, it’s important to keep a record of everything that goes on so screenshotting websites or texts or photos, anything.

You don’t have to look at them again cause obviously that could be quite upsetting. But if you do end up going to the police, that’s your evidence.

I was bullied for a bit in school which I’ve never really spoken about online before so I thought I would share that story with you now.

When I had just started secondary school in years seven and eight, I was about 12 years old. There was one girl who for some reason decided to target me for her bullying. I had a nice group of friends but this girl just singled me out. She would tell me that I was ugly and say things like “Ew, don’t you pluck your eyebrows? “They look so gross.”

And it would make me feel awful about myself. Buy hey, my thick eyebrows are fashionable now so joke’s on her.

At the time I was having a flare of ulcerative colitis and I was on steroids for treatment which made my appetite huge, my cheeks bloat, and gave me severe acne on my forehead.

Even though I did experience bullying, I’m quite lucky because this was before smartphones so I didn’t really have to deal with that much cyber bullying.

I actually got my first phone when I was 12 and my first smartphone when I was 20. Technology creates more avenues for bullying but it can also create more ways to communicate support.

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