Feelings Kissing

Have you ever wondered not all London escorts are into kissing? Gents who enjoy dating London escorts are often disappointed when they found out the girl they are seeing from their local London escorts agency is not into kissing. All London escorts have their own reasons for perhaps not wanting to kiss a man. What you need to appreciate is that women consider kissing a really personal experience. Kissing can trigger all sorts of personal feelings. But, this is one of the reasons many London escorts do not kiss.

London Escorts On Oral Hygiene

One of the things that puts London escorts of kissing is poor oral hygiene. Sarah, who works for a leading London escorts agency, says that it is okay to kiss once you get to know a guy. There is nothing as off-putting as kissing a man who has poor oral hygiene. At the end of the day, that is something that most women can understand. So, no matter if you date London escorts, or other girls in London, you should make sure you look after your oral hygiene. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss and visit your dentist on a regular basis.

Mouth Ulcers and Kissing

Mouth ulcers are caused by a virus. This virus is serious and can cause serious health problems. For instance, the girls at London escorts know that the same virus that causes mouth ulcers can be transmitted during oral sex. Unless you use a condom, you can risk transferring it and it can lead to genital herpes. This is perhaps one of the top reasons London escorts are such reluctant kissers. One of the most common forms of kissing is French kissing and this is when you are more likely to transfer the infection from one person to another.

The Personal Experience

Men don’t always associate a range of personal emotions with French kissing. But, the same can’t be said for women. Sue, who works for a cheap London escorts service in south London, says she used to French kiss all of the time when she was started to escort in London. Although she will still do it on occasion, in general, she tries to avoid doing so. She says it is too personal and she has the habit of falling in love with the men she kisses. A peck on the cheek is okay, but French kissing is a big no-no.

What should you do if you would like to kiss a girl from London escorts? If you really want to kiss a London escort, it is essential you find the right girl. There are those girls at London escorts who are happy to French kiss. They normally mention it in their profile. So before you book a date with a hot girl from an escort agency, you should make sure she into French kisses. By the way, she may ask you if you are a smoker. You see, that is another one of those things that will put a girl off kissing you.

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