Contraception That London Escorts Use

In the escort industry, any escort that is working without any sort of contraception is playing fast and loose with their career. In the UK, contraception is free, and there are many for the London escorts to choose from in order to protect themselves against unwanted pregnancies.

So, what contraception method do the London escorts prefer?

The most preferred method of contraception is condoms, though it is not always necessarily used alone. Additional contraceptive such as combined pills, implants, injections and diaphragms are used in conjunction with condoms.

Why condoms?

There are several reasons why London escort prefer condom primarily for contraception compared to other methods of contraception.


Condoms are the most readily available contraception method for London escorts, making it a natural choice for their line of work. Condoms can be found in most clinics like genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics, community contraceptive clinics, sexual health clinics, and in most retail outlets.
Due to its availability, it is advisable for not only escorts but other people that prefer using condoms to always check for the CE mark or BSI kite mark for standards validation.


One of the main reasons why condom is primarily preferred is due to its ability to be around 98% effective (when used correctly) in preventing unwanted pregnancies which though lower than pills, is still in the same ballpark.


While pills are more effective against unwanted pregnancies, they offer no protection against STIs and HIV infection, which is a significant concern for escorts. Condoms, on the other hand, offer protection against unwanted pregnancies as well as STIs and HIV infection.

Side effects/drawbacks

Escorts using condoms for contraception report zero to no side effects. In rare cases, side effects are usually mild and are mostly irritation from using latex rubbers by escorts who are sensitive to latex or have latex allergies.

The drawbacks with condoms are that they sometimes burst/slip off or break during intercourse. This could be due to several reasons that can be easily avoided like correct size, additional lubrication, etc.

Additional contraception methods

While condom may be the preferred contraception method, escorts are known to use additional protection like combined pills, diaphragms, intrauterine device (IUD), contraceptive implants, or injections. The most inexpensive of these methods in the long run being the IUD.


London escorts are exposed to potential pregnancies every time they work and as such, prefer to use contraception. Condoms are preferred due to a number of reasons, some of which include protection from an infection that other contraception methods don’t.

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